We provide discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services for private clients with minimum liquid assets of $500,000, a minimum net worth of $2.5mn, and annual income in excess of $300,000, and institutions qualified as “accredited investors” under Rule 501 of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933.

Our aim is to meet our clients’ risk/return objective.  Our focus is on equities, to exclude ETFs and mutual funds, and our expertise spans asset allocation, stock picking and market timing.

Franck Prissert is in charge of Investment Strategy. He manages the US part of clients’ portfolios. He is a frequent contributor to SeekingAlpha.com where he can be followed, and the author of “Anatomy of The Meltdown – 1998-2008. The Worst Decade in Stock Investing, or Was It?”

For other asset classes, we rely upon old time professional relationships with proven track records: W.P.Stewart (New York) for US large cap growth stocks, Gavekal (Hong Kong) for Pacific Basin growth stocks, Groupe Prevoir (France) for European Equities, and Hite Capital (New York) for international alternative investments.

Asset Management for Institutions and High Net Worth Investors
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